What we think

We bring decades of games industry experience to public spaces creating responsive and magical interactives for museums, galleries and libraries. We draw on a combination of a deep understanding of game design and psychology, complex software engineering and a maker-ethic to build experiences that are truly captivating. Our interest is particularly in building game-like installations that encourage strangers to be playful together.

What we build

Physical Interactives

Visitors are spellbound when they are able to interact with real physical devices.  They instantly know how to interact with the item and can play without fear.  We use a range of technologies to create these magic experiences including: projection mapping, depth-cameras and a range of other sensors controlled by mini-PCs, arduinos or raspberry pi's.

Augmented Reality

Museum Games have worked on many different augmented reality projects. These range from audio-only augmented experiences designed for mobiles devices right up to combining virtual reality with augmented reality, e.g. using the Oculus Rift with the real world (the portable equipment for this can sit in a small backpack)!


We specialise in creating collaborative multi-user touch-table experiences. Our touch-table applications are deployed in galleries, libraries, archives and museums across the West Midlands. Touch-tables create conversations in public spaces between families & visitors.

What we’ve made


Where we are

Address: Birmingham, UK